Enjoy your daily activities wherever you are

You can’t practice sport and be as fit anymore due to constant travelling? Why not ask in Dawadoo and find someone to practice your favorite sport with you wherever you may visit? Or simply ask locals for the best tips about local gyms.

Do you happen to be bored at home and want to try something new? Why not ask in Dawadoo to see what is going on in your area?

Just landed in a new city and not sure where to go for a nice meal? Why not use the wisdom and experience of locals to discover hidden gems? Who better to ask than someone who has lived there for a while?

With Dawadoo you can find like-minded people and, most importantly, they will always be close by no matter where you are. No more crossing an entire city just to find a decent coffee.

How does it works?

Do what you like everywhere!

Share your daily activities, meet new people and discover amazing new things to do in your area.

#BeLocal everywhere with Dawadoo

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